Dawghouse Design Studio

We have moved.

A big thanks to everyone who has followed me since 2006. Sorry, I haven't really been able to keep up with writing. Originally, I wanted to become a cartoonist. Even before I'd ever heard of "web design", I built Dawghouse Cartoons, a place where I could share my illustrations and everything I found interesting about cartooning. However, as my career took a different route, it eventually evolved into a "design studio" where not only did I take on client work, but it was also a place where I shared resources to the design community. But now, I want to write more. With the words "design studio" attached to it, I've always felt restricted to sharing just design-related stuff and I no longer want that. I want a single place where I can not only talk about design, but anything and everything under the sun. My stuff can now be found on JanCavan.com. However, if you're looking for an old article, don't fret, the old version is still available.

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