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Thank You Guys!

I have been trying to redesign my site for several months and I was never happy with all, yes all, of the studies I came up with. I felt like the future was gloomy for me. It was hopeless. Every time I created studies for projects, it only took me one, two or three days at most ’til I settled for a design I was happy and content with. But as they say, a web designer’s portfolio site is always the hardest to get approval. But thankfully, after 4 agonizing months of frustration and 16 scrapped studies, I finally came up with something that I liked… And it got me rolling from then on…
Unbelievably, I was able to launch my entire site in 2 days! And since I launched it, I’ve gotten a lot of really good feedback, which I never really expected – “Yo! Your site is wicked!”, “A truly unique site”, “Your site is amazing! I love your work!”, “I am inspired”, “Damn good Page!!”, “The Dawghouse is interesting. I’ll introduce it to all my friends” and several other very inspiring comments. I’ve also been featured on several design galleries. So from the bottom of my heart, a huuuge THANK YOU TO ALL YOU GUYS! I truly appreciate it :)

Here are some of the sites that I have been featured in:


Sheril Jebasingh

This is truly a great work. The design is unique and your work are inspiring.. Keep the good work.. Thanks for being my friend :) God bless you Jan


Hello Jan

Thanks for the great web site that you had done for me a few years ago. Thanks also for the updates to my other site. You did a great job at a great price and did it quick also. Keep up the fantastic work and I will be back for more jobs and I will tell others about you for sure.



Hi Jan

Came by your site via comment on BWG. Love you site also :)

I’ve noticed we’ve both got the same concept going on with the notepad on dark thing. I just wanted to point out that I didn’t nick your idea, just in case yourself are anyone notes the similarities in the two layout structures. You know what people can be like on the web, throwing accusations around “willy-nilly”.

The actual design of my new site, as it is now, was completed in December 2007, as documented in this post: and by the feedback from the comments.

I just thought I’d better point it out just in case :P

Peace, keep up the great work, and keep the grunge look alive :)