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Airborne: A Free Wings Vector Set

Free Wings Vector Set

A couple of weeks ago, we gave away a cool Icon Set of 20 Grunge Peeling Social Media Stickers. Now it’s time for another great giveaway! With the help of the talented folks from Artistic Frequency Studios, we are giving away "Airborne," an awesome 40 Wings Vector Set consisting of 10 designs available in various colors and in outlines! These wings are perfect for your web, print, tee shirts and other design projects!

Free Wings Vector Set

Feel free to use this vector set for your personal or commercial projects. Comments are much appreciated. This vector set was created exclusively for Dawghouse Design Studio and must not be redistributed or sold elsewhere.

Download this cool vector set now!

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Cool set thanks for sharing


just what i’ve been looking for! Thank you thank you!!


great variety. Gracias!


Very nice set of wings, some other cool wings over here


High quality set! I like the heavily stylized ones best, although the more “traditional” looking ones are great, too.


These are really grrrreat! thank you dawghouse and afreq

Sneh Roy

ooh nice! cool stuff! Thanks :)


oh just what I’ve been looking for! Keep those freebies coming, love ’em!

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Great post. Thanks for the freebies.

Jan Cavan

Happy you enjoyed the freebie guys! Big thanks to Artistic Frequency Studios for such a great freebie!


thanks for wonderful file~


cool one


Thank you for letting your information to us .