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Free Icons: Grunge Peeling Stickers Social Media Icons


Free Social Media Icons

I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to Tutorial9, another great resource and tutorial site for designers. This Grunge Peeling Stickers Social Media Icon Pack consists of 20 Grunge Peeling Social Media Stickers, I’ve created exclusively for the their readers.

These icons are free for both personal and commercial usage. If you are interested in how to create icons like these, check out the tutorial on How to Create a Realistic Grunge Peeling Sticker in Photoshop

Now let’s head over to Tutorial9 to download these icons! Enjoy!



These are really great! I’ve downloaded them over at tutorial9


just what i need

Karl Foxley

These are some awesome social media icons, nicely designed and attention grabbing.


Karl Foxley

Jan Cavan

Thanks, guys!

Sheril Jebasingh

will use them in one of my projects. Thanks for sharing!

Matteo De Felice

These icons are great!

Jennifer Brandon

These are great! Thanks! Love your work!