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FOWD NYC 2010 Presentation

Future of Web DesignI’m finally back in LA from my trip to New York and I’m extremely exhausted! Nevertheless, I had a spankin’ great time! As some of you probably already know, I was invited to speak at the Future of Web Design (hosted by Carsonified) last November 16 held at the New World Stages in none other than The Big Apple — New York City. I spoke about “What the Web Will Look Like in 2 Years?”

Future of Web Design

The venue and hotel we stayed in was great, learned a lot from the presentations of other speakers and most importantly, I met a lot of awesome folks!

Future of Web Design New York Venue
Photo by Vanilla Forums

Future of Web Design Swag

Jan Cavan Speaking at Future of Web Design
Photo by Carlos Porto (@carlos_porto)

I’d like to say a big thank you to Simon Collison, Bryan Chirls, Dmitry Dragliev of ZURB, Matt Scott and Bill Merikallio of Hot Design for allowing me to reference some topics I had in my talk to the materials/articles they have.

I’d also like to thank Jacob Gube, Chris Spooner, Nikki Jeske and Todd Miller for sharing to me their thoughts about the subject prior to the event. Also, to Midtown Toastmasters Club and Bryan Veloso (The Filipino Phenomenon) for the tips and lovely tweets!

I’d also like to thank everyone who had given some really nice feedback about my presentation. I never got the chance to meet all of you, but I hope we run into each other in one of the future conferences!

And last but not the least, to Carsonified for putting together such a kick-ass conference and making me part of it!

So as promised, here is my slide deck :)


Jim G

Great talk, Jan! And your slides are HAWT!


Thanks for sharing your slides, Jan! It was a great talk! Really enjoyed it.

rod rodriguez

Congratz Jan, I’m sure you did a great job in FOWD, and thank you for sharing the slides, we get to take part on your momentous occasion slide per slide.

Jan Cavan

Thank you so much, everyone!


very impressive, keep up the great work!


This is great!

Do happen to know kiara imbong?

Jan Cavan

@lordango: Thanks! yup I know her.

Atul Dobariya

This is great! Great talk, Jan! And your slides are HAWT

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