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Free High-Quality Texture Pack: Sky and Lens Flare

Free Texture Pack Sky and Lens Flare

Now that it is the summer season, it is the perfect time to get out there and enjoy the sun. I also thought it would be of perfect timing to be giving away a nice set of Sky and Lens Flare Textures for you to utilize in your future projects

For our loyal readers, Dawghouse Design Studio has teamed up with and we’ve put together some awesome Sky and Lens Flare Textures exclusively for you guys! [ ... ]

The Sky Texture Pack contains 10 high-quality sky textures.

Free Sky Textures

The Lens Flare Texture Pack contains 15 unique lens flare textures.

Free Lens Flare Textures

Bored of the usual Lens Flare plug-in that’s built within Photoshop? You may also mix and match the textures as show on the example below. Simply place a lens flare texture over a sky texture and change its Blending Mode to Screen.

Free Sky Textures

Free Sky Textures

Free Sky and Lens Flare Textures

These textures are of high-resolution so they are perfect not only for your web projects but for your print projects as well. They are also free for your personal and commercial projects but may not be sold or redistributed in any way. Comments and link backs are not required but are very much ppreciated.

Download these textures packs now! More high-quality sky texture packs are also available from if you purchase their DVD.


Tammy Verberg

Amazing as usual! You are the BEST!

Design Fanboi

You are right with the PS built-in lens flare!!! Thanks for these resources!

Graphic Design Junction

Nice i never seen before… thanks

Jan Cavan

Thanks everyone :)

Good site! Develop further as :)
Cool design at a site:)
Beautiful, qualitative works)

Jessie Daryl Cacafranca

wow nice!


You are the best
amazing tutorial


Very great texture. I download them.


Wow! it’s really cool. I will download the textures packs but I hope that there will be a more detailed tutorials in the next post. =)


Jan, thanks for the share!


I Love you


Great idea and tip never thought of using a lens flare graphic and blending into the sky.. You are so right about the flares in photoshop!




Very beautiful textures! thanks Jan!

freelance web designer hyderabad

fantastic textures…excellent work..thanks for sharing

David Radovanovic

I’ve been on a mission to find lenses flares and star burst for a logo design. Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful stuff and lenses flare design is very good and it was very useful for me..Hope may will find this useful as me.


Very nice, thanks for contributing to the design community :)


The lensflares are from
Du you have the permission to share it?

Jan Cavan

@Heiko: The Lens Flare Texture Pack are from