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Giveaway: Win Custom Stickers or Skins for Your iPhone, iPad and Laptop!

Win Custom Stickers and Skins for iPhone iPod iPad Macbook laptop

Update: Contest has ended. Winners will be announced soon.

Looking for a way to spruce up the look of your iPhones, iPads, laptops and adding a more personal feel to them? Dawghouse Design Studio has teamed up with the cool folks from StickerMule have come up with this awesome giveaway that’s up for grabs!

Stickermule is a online printing company that specializes in printing custom stickers for iPhones, iPads and laptops. Their stickers are made from a special material which peels off any surface safely and easily.

What the winner will get:
With $100 USD worth of free credits from StickerMule, you can get custom printed iPhone, iPad or laptop stickers or skins. And if you’re uploading a low quality artwork, that certainly isn’t a problem. These guys will make them look better for you free of charge!

How to join:
1. Leave a comment on this post saying why you would want to win
2. Subscribe to our feed to keep you up to date with the winners and future contests

1 Winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends on May 31, 2010 so what are you waiting for? Comment now to get a chance to pimp those gadgets of yours and stand out from the crowd!



i’ve found skins are a great way to keep gadgets safe. and i drop my stuff slightly too often ;)

jennifer vallez

I love sticker mule! I would use the coupon to make some stickers for my kids & try the skins!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Deb Stewart

I just got an iPad and would love to protect it from my roughness giving it scratches.


My poor old laptop could certainly do with an attempt at looking pretty once more with some stickers.

Hillary H.

As much as I would love to be selfish and say I want this for myself. I would love one of these to give to my brother as a gift. Since he just loves apple products! :)

Michal Kozak

Ha! I could definitely use some sticker on my laptop :).

Lee Kennedy

Wow! they are pretty cool, would love to win.


I should win cause I love Stickers!


Stickermule does it beautifully. :)


being the overall champion and poster child for clumsiness, my poor laptop needs a bandaid for her “war wounds” *i did not stumble. my official statement is that the floor ATTACKED me… a lot*
a stickermule skin would be the perfect armor protect her from future “disfiguring” scratches!

Gabriela F.L.

I’d like to win because it’s an awesome way to personalize and decorate my laptop!


Oh i just love stickers and want to get hands on it :D


Ofcouse I’d love to win a custom sticker for my laptop! Let’s prettify my overused laptop haha. :)


Would love to personalise my gadgets with some ‘Squibble’ stickers/skins!


I’m giving my son a basic black laptop for his graduation and how cool would it be if he could jazz it up with a great skin?! It would let his laptop stand out from the other laptops at college!


I hope I win this one :)

Paul Nash

I need some stickers to brighten up my gadgets! Its so dull without them


HowDy ! I could definitely use some sticker on my iPhone .


I’m probably the last to comment but I love stickers and this would not be a wasted prize. I am a first year graphic designer so the stickers would be great as a business card of sorts for myself. That way I could give Sticker mule some publicity as well as myself.

Will Syrett

I’ve just splashed out a load of cash on a brand new Macbook Pro and now I’m skint! A sticker to put on the front of it would look AWESOME!


Hook me up MJ… I’ve been following you a long time…Show some Love! :)


i will be cool guy if win this!!!