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Giveaway: Win Training Videos in Professional Photography Retouching

Photoshop Retouching Training Videos

Update: Contest has ended. Winners will be announced soon

Aside from designing graphics, one of the many uses of Photoshop is for photo retouching. You can take a poorly taken photo, enhance it in Photoshop and make it look a hundred folds better. A great way to learn how to retouch photos is through online tutorials. If you are a beginner, step-by-step walkthrough tutorials are great, but sometimes, it’s also easier to follow a good screencast. A great site that provides photo retouching tutorial screencasts is RetouchCreative [ ... ]

Retouch Creative provides you with streaming training videos on professional photography retouching in Photoshop. With their videos, you will be able to learn the professional post production techniques that are used by many pros in high-end productions.

In each video, advanced retouching processes are explained in detail while completing the editing on a photograph from start to finish. Our videos will give you the creative edge to stay ahead of your competition and to further your artistic visions.

Here’s a glimpse of what you will be getting from the video tutorials:

Photoshop Retouching Training Videos

Photoshop Retouching Training Videos

Photoshop Retouching Training Videos

Today we have teamed up with the guys at RetouchCreative and are giving away two (2) training videos of your choice to five (5) lucky winners! This would be a great prize especially for those who have beginner skills in Photoshop.

Here’s how to join:
1. Leave a comment on this post saying what you would want to win. Make sure you leave your name and a valid Email Address.
2. Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep you up to date with the winners and future contests.

Winners will be chosen at random. Contest ends on March 10, 2010.

Good luck everyone!



I would like to join the contest !

Luu Xuan Hao

Count me in. The first and the second videos would be very useful for me. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

Andreas Norbiski

If I win, I’d love to have:

Illustrative Retouching
Illustrative Retouching 2

Great site :D


This video is step up for my photo retouching skills. I’m subscribe Rss. Good luck for all dawghousedesignstudio fans.

rod rodriguez

I would like to win some stuff… please…

Shannon Rice

awesome contest would love to have videos.

Nikki Jeske

This would be amazing! The real question here is why WOULDN’T I want this? As much as I use Photoshop, I still don’t know everything, so this would be the perfect way to expand my Adobe knowledge. ^_^

Julie Berglund

Great offer! I would love to learn more about photo retouching. I know I’ve barely scratched the surface in PhotoShop with what I’ve already done.

Any of the Illustrative Retouching series would be great to win!

kevin wagstaff

already have some of the videos and want the rest there awesome

Vidit Kothari

Am opting for 1st and 2nd. as they will be a lot in my photography business!


I want to win!!

Nathaniel Pierce

I would LOVE to receive the videos!!!


It would be great to win one at least.

Andrea Schultz

Love your site! I would love to win these videos!!


I’d love to win:

Illustrative Retouching
Illustrative Retouching 2

thanks for the opportunity
Sue : )


Would love to win:
Illustrative Retouching
Illustrative Retouching 2

Thanks so much!

Jason Cordes

I’d love to win:

Illustrative Retouching
Illustrative Retouching 2

thanks Jason


I would love to win Illustrative Retouching and Natural Beauty Retouching. :) Thanks!

Balea alin

I would like to win some stuff…please


I’d love this web-site because i would win and a would know&learn…;)

Brooke Rochon

I would love to win anything!


I would LOVE to win illustrative retouching 2 and 3 – I’m in the design business and am very familiar with photoshop, but retouching like the pros still eludes me!

Clarissa Abbott

I would love to learn more about photohop. I more I learn the better.


I really need to learn these techniques as I am doing more people photography and everyone seems to have pretty bad skin! I would love to have Beauty Retouching and Natural Beauty Retouching, thanks!


I would love to do such gorgeous pictures.


I’d love to win:

Illustrative Retouching
Illustrative Retouching 2


I’d love, love, love to win:

Illustrative Retouching
Illustrative Retouching 3

Debbie Pochmann

Illustrative Retouching 2 and 3 would be great. :Deb