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Speaking at FOWD NYC

Future of Web DesignIn a little over four weeks from now, I will be in New York City to speak at the Future of Web Design. I cant’ tell you how tremendously excited I am! The conference runs from November 15 to 17 at New World Stages and there’s an awesome lineup of speakers including Doug Bowman, Molly Holzschlag, Ethan Marcotte, Cameron Moll, Paul Boag and many more! The conference will be covering the most important and sought-after topics in today’s web industry.

Future of Web Design

I will be speaking about “What the Web Will Look Like in Two Years.” In an industry that’s moving so fast, what might the future hold for mobile devices, new platforms, CSS3, HTML5, Flash and even for us, Web Designers? Here’s a sneak peek of my slide deck!

Aside from the scheduled talks and workshops, there will also be Design Clinics where attendees can have a little chat with the speakers to ask some questions.

Tickets are selling out very quickly so head over to the FOWD site to grab your tickets now!


Ryan Barresi

I’ll be there… Looking forward to it


Looking forward to it, Jan!

Dean L.

It’s my first time in New York and to attend such event. I can’t wait to be there! Can’t wait to hear your talk, Jan!


Its the first time I come across this website, and I am loving it, I also checked on your previous designs on your other article, a beautiful work what youhave done here and I am sure you will do excellent in NY, lol I feel like I know you just by reading your blogs :)

Jan Cavan

Thanks everyone! Hope to see you there! Don’t forget to stick around for the after-party :)

@Jessi: Thank you so much, Jessi! Come back often :)


Wow! That’s cool! How I wish I could attend. Hey Jan, are you residing in New York?

Jan Cavan

@Luc: Hey Luc, nope I’m in Cebu right now. You should attend! We still have a few tickets left! I’m sure it will be a time full of fun and learning for everyone :)


Aww i’ll be in Philippines during those dates for holiday. Anyways, good luck! Just knowing you’re one of the speakers overwhelms me already!! :)


I wish I could go see it! Hopefully you will speak there again and I can try and save money to go. Good luck and congrats on being chosen to speak. You are awesome!


I like your site! Will check out your services later…

Jan Cavan

@Nikki: Thanks, nik! I would’ve wanted to attend SXSW this year, but I don’t think I have the budget for it. So maybe next year.

@michael: Thanks!


Congrats, Jan! I’m sure you’ll do great!

Eric Van Buskirk

I had the good fortune to work with Jan when I was an American in the Philippines. For those of you that haven’t met her in person, and are thinking of going to Future of Web Design, be sure to introduce yourself. Jan is kind, modest in the most admirable way, and a pleasure to be around.

Jan Cavan

@Eric Van Buskirk: Thanks for the very kind words, Eric. I really appreciate it :) I’ve always been thankful to CSM for the opportunity that you had given me. Thanks so much again! Hope to see you again some time soon!

rod rodriguez

This is awesome, so excited for you. You really are an inspiration to the rest of us. Congratz and goodluck, take lots of pictures :D

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