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Win Training Videos in Professional Photography Retouching: Winners Announced!

Photoshop Retouching Training Videos

A few weeks ago, we held a contest here at Dawghouse Design Studio, giving away two (2) Professional Photography Retouching training videos to five (5) of our lucky readers who will be chosen at random. It is finally time to announced the winners! Now I know all you folks have been eagerly waiting for this so I would really like to apologize for the slight delay [ ... ]

Before we announced the winners, let us not forget to once again thank the guys at Retouch Creative for allowing us to hold this awesome giveaway with them.

To all those unfamiliar with Retouch Creative, it is a site that provides you with streaming training videos on professional photography retouching in Photoshop. With their videos, you will be able to learn the professional post production techniques that are used by many pros in high-end productions.

In each video, advanced retouching processes are explained in detail while completing the editing on a photograph from start to finish. Their videos will give you the creative edge to stay ahead of your competition and to further your artistic visions.

Now without further ado, here are the lucky winners:

Luu Xuan Hao
Rod Rodriguez
Vidit Kothari

Congratulations guys! Check your emails to obtain the promo code and instructions on how to get your videos.

I hope you enjoyed the contest guys! Stayed tuned for more great contests, tuts and freebies from Dawghouse Design Studio soon!


rod rodriguez

YeeeHaaaaa! I Won, I Won! I would like to thank Ms. Jan Cavan and Dawghouse Design Studio for making this happen the guys at Retouch Creative for their awesomeness and of course my family who has been supportive of me throughout this contest… to my wife Grace “I love you dear” – Thanks again everyone… PEACE!

Vidit Kothari

Thank You
Thank You so much.

This brought tears to my eyes. Its my first win ever.

FOR ME Its like winning a million dollar villa.


I’m in:-) Thanks DownHouseDesignStudio. :-)

Jan Cavan

Y’all look very delighted with what you have won! I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks for joining this contest everyone. And congrats once again!

temecula photographer

Well….I wish next time i also try…!!!This time i miss the chance…it would be realy intersting…i hope….!!!

Al Kamal Md. Razib

Wow :) Great job ! Well done. Thanks for sharing your work. I like it.


very cool. thank you so much for your sharing


Awesome work thank you for sharing your work with us.