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Dribbble Invite Giveaway! Get Drafted Now!

Dribbble Invite GiveawayUpdate: Congrats to Sheena Oosten for winning the Dribbble invite. Thanks to everyone who participated. You’re all very talented and I’m hoping I had a lot more to invites to give away, but I’ll post them whenever I’m given more.

Dribbble is show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots — small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. I’ve been getting several emails from people asking for invites. There was even someone I used to know who never ever got in touch with me in the past but surprisingly wrote me asking for a Dribbble invite. Very thoughtful, yeah? :\

This Dribbble invite has been sitting in my account for a few weeks but I never got around to writing this post but finally…! So to all those who have been wanting to get drafted, now is your chance! Contest ends on March 15, 2011.

To be considered for this invite:

1. Join me on Dribbble by signing up as a Prospect
2. Leave a comment below saying why you want to be on Dribbble
3. Include three (3) links to work that you’re really proud of
4. Would appreciate if you could re-Tweet this! — “Dribbble Invite Giveaway! Get Drafted Now! – (via @jancavan)”

At Dribbble, you take responsibility of who you draft so I’m going to have to be picky as to who I am drafting. Good luck, everyone!

PS I joined Dribbble last year and I’d like to once again thank Grace Smith and Ryan Downie for getting me drafted :)

Update: Last March 04, 2011, I received a spiteful message accusing me of asking people to "beg" for a Dribbble invite. Apparently, my intentions were misconstrued and to clear things up, that was never the intention of this giveaway. I was not sure who to give this invite to and a lot of the people I’ve been following are already on Dribbble so since I’m certain that there’s a lot of undiscovered talent out there who certainly deserve some exposure, I decided to put up this giveaway. This is pretty much like all the other giveaways I have on my site and all the other design blogs giving away Dribbble invites for that matter — the only difference this time is the prize and the mechanics. It absolutely doesn’t make any sense why I would actually want people to "beg" when I myself even won my invite through a contest I joined last year along with 150+ other participants.




I need invite.
I do improve my design technique.

Mark Hwang

I study GUI design one year,i realy want to join this big design group all over the world.I want to improve my skill and share my idea,also grow up in this way of design.”love design,enjoy life!” :D


dribbble account for more suggestions nd critics .
My works:


Greetings. I would like to have a dribbble account to share my stuff the same way i just started on twitter with #MPdaily, to get feedback for my work, become a part of a comunity from which I could learn, but also offer it something and in the end to get my work and name out there while I’m still 21.

Russell Poulter

Would love a dribbble account to share my work, get feedback and improve as a designer.



Hi, I want a dribbble account since I discovered this wonderful community back a year ago. Since then I check in daily to get inspired.

Some of my recent work: – webdesign – webdesign + illustration – webdesign


Hello, I would really love an invite.
I want to talk with designers in the world about a design.

My works:


Thanks Jay for the invite opportunity! I’m currently a prospect but would love to become a member so I can get feedback on my designs and generally be a part of the design community. Fingers crossed….





Andrew Grexa

I would love to share in the creative, critical process that is Dribbble. I believe that I will help me become a better designer.

Some things I’ve done…

Sudhith Xavier

Hi I would love to be in the court and dribbble! Love to be with fellow designers coz, my life revolves around design. And till date i didn’t knew there is a provision to join dribbble as a prospect. Thank you for the info.

Here are some of my works(not recent though):


Great work randy!


I’d love a dribbble account as I’d like somewhere to post WIPs, graphic design work, logos and web design all in one place (I currently use Society6 for my illustration work) and where I can get feedback and join an active community of like-minded creatives.

Rolando Rodrigues


i want to share my works on dribbble, because the dribbble artists are very talented. I think they can help me get better and maybe i can help someone improve by giving some good advice.


wow!If you get this,Will be my honor!
I’d love a dribbble account to share my work and make friends. Thank you !

Carla Ramos Silva

Hello Jan…
“I wanna be a ROOKIE so f****** bad
Post all of the things I working on
Uh, I wanna be a part of the POPULAR DRIBBBLE WORKS
Smiling because i have so many HEARTS

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name without PROSPECT
A different WORK every night oh
I swear DRIBBBLE better prepare
For when I’m a ROOKIE
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a ROOKIE
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a ROOKIE”




wow!If I get this,Will be my honor!
I’d love a dribbble account to share my work and make friends. Thank you !
this is my work
Sorry, the above piece of replies:D

Drew Binkley

I have been wanting to get on Dribbble for a while now. Would love to get an invite. (concept)

Thanks for the consideration, Drew

Kenji Bankhead

Bottom line is, Dribbble is awesome! … And it’s only inspired me to be a better designer. To be a part of something so epic, would be a delight.


I got “dribbble invite” from another friend.
My candidacy cancels it.
Thank you.



I want to be on Dribble because I want some feedbacks from great designers and I love sharing juicy stuff.

My work :


Thomas Otto

I would like to be on dribbble, because my head is so full of ideas that I would like to share and to hear some good quality feedback to become better in I wahat I love to do, designing! (blog & portfolio) (mobile Version of my portfolio) (Bürd my one and only ;) )


Hi, I´m a new born digital designer freelancer, I´m already a Dribbble prospect from a couple of months and so I had the time to see how it can be usefull for my job, share my works with others designers, take ispiration and critics from them and so improve myself! if I can have an invite it should be great!

here are three of my works;

Andreea Stancovici

Hi, I would really love to be considered for the Dribbble invite. I love sharing my design pieces with other designers, and receiving valuable feedback.

Thank you,


I just wanted to say that I received my invitation today so you can take me out of the contest. Thank you!

Andreea Stancovici

Just received my invitation. Please no longer consider me for this competition. Thank you and see you on Dribbble! :)

Carla Ramos Silva

You can take me out of the contest too. I got “dribbble invite” yesterday :). Thank you!


Hi, Here’s my portfolio at and this is my latest work that i’m woking on,its not done yet


Dribbble is one of the coolest ways to get inspiration, to inspire others, and to give (and receive) feedback from some of the best in the biz. As someone who is always looking for a new creative outlet, I’d love to be a part of it!

The linkz:



I just signed up as a Prospect on Dribble and re-tweeted your post!

I’ve heard about Dribble but didn’t really think about making an account there until yesterday. The funny thing is…when I went to the website to make an account yesterday, I noticed that you need to get “drafted” to be able to post your images (I didn’t know that until yesterday). So I was really excited when I saw see this post today! :D

I wanted to be on Dribble because it’s where all kinds of different, talented artists are posting and sharing thumbnails of what they are working on. I know Dribble will be a great source of inspiration for me and something that will motivate and push me to stay creative.

Here are three links of my work:

Chris Casey

Hey, been a member of Dribbble for a while now but still not been able to get my hands on an invite to upload work. I’m based in Glasgow, UK and working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Would be great to use Dribbble as a way of sharing work and receiving good feedback, as unfortunately I lack enough friends with a design eye.

You can see some work here

Rg Enzon

Hey there. I wanna be on the dribbble community to meet awesome designers from the community, as well as to gain and share stuffs I know and not yet. I wanna get feedback and I wanna give feedback (valuable and constructive) from and to them.

Here’s a link to my portfolio
And here’s a forum link where I post my “best” shots yet..

Joel Colombo

Check out my work at Moka (


Hi, My portfolio is and Good lucky everybody :)

Sammie Serum

I think it’s great that you’re giving people a “shot” to join

My blog/portfolio can be found here:

My business page can be found here:

Thanks for the “shot” at!


Thanks for the dribbble give away Jan.
Reason for me to join Dribbble is that I can follow good designers, learn & improve my design skills.

Some of my works are at –
My dribbble page –

Josh Holloran

Hi Jan,
I’m Josh. I’m a designer in Portland, OR. I’d really love the opportunity to bounce my latest (and numerous) ideas off of other great designers. Thanks so much for considering me!


I’m sick of looking at other peoples work!

Per Lindgren

I want to be a dribbbling player, just to be able to make a slam dunk more often and get more space for my 3-pointers.


PS. My web site at is incomplete, the new version at /v2 will be up shortly, the start page at is done though.