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F*ck You, Pay Me

"We ended up not using the work", "This isn’t really what we’re looking for", etc., etc. — Are these lines familiar to you? Ever had difficulty getting a client to pay you for the work that you did? Then you will surely enjoy Mike Monteiro’s talk appropriately entitled, "F*ck You, Pay Me"



I had this experience during my early days of doing freelance. It was in a forum. Guy asked me to draw a character. He kept changing the specs everytime I drew one for him. After the 4th sketch, he said he has other projects to do and he’ll update me when he’s ready. Being my first time I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t be bothered anymore. Really wasted my time. It was in 2006..

toronto Design Girl

Despite having a contract I’ve had clients not pay. The best example was one who pirated a copy of the website we built and put it on another server and stopped payment on the cheque before she sent it.

Our only leverage was the fact that her business partner listed on the website was an intellectual property lawyer and we threatened to hire the partners in his firm to go against him and the client. Needless to say they paid and he seemed to go missing from the website after that.

So leverage of some kind, any kind always helps.

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