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Giving Away 2 Dribbble Invites

Update (06/14/2012): Sorry for making you wait, guys, but my schedule has been crazy! Anyway, I finally got around to picking the winners. They are:
1. Mark of Happy Garaje
2. Tim Berkelmans
3. Victor Beazzo
4. Zhou Zhou

Thanks to everyone who participated. You’re all very talented and I hope I had a lot more to invites to give away, but I’ll post them whenever I get more.

Update (06/14/2012): I scored 2 more invites so I’m giving away 4. Sorry guys but my schedule has been really crazy. I promise to post an update over the weekend. Hang in there guys!

These two Dribbble invites have been sitting in my account for a while. I’ve been meaning to give them away, but never got around to do so and I keep forgetting about it. Today, I just renewed my PRO account and remembered having these two. So to all those who’d like to sign up for Dribbble, please leave a comment (with your name and a link to your work) below. It’s the best way for me to keep track of those who’ve been wanting invites, otherwise, it’ll probably slip through my mind again. And don’t forget to follow me on Dribbble :)


Kashyap is the link and Kashyap is the name.


We’d be happy to get an invite, Jan. Thank you :-D


Wow, I’m in.. First place ;)
Here is the link to my portfolio –

Thanks Jan. :)

Michael Glaze

Hello! I’ve been interested in getting into Dribbble for a while now. Just started designing regularly through “Lyrical Theology,” but have done many things on the side as well.

Marcel Schmidt

Guess I’m not the ideal candidate… :) Busy with my portfolio…again, but here are some of my stuff from a while back

Melvin Paul.V


I’ve been wanting to get an invite for a good time now. Here is the link to my porfolio

Thanks :)

Paulina Solis


here’s the link to my portfolio (working on new projects, guess I’ll be updating it in a couple of weeks)

Terry Harvey

Hi! :-) is my make-shift portfolio until I get around to building it. :-)




Janet Hoover

HI!!! thanks for letting us know about your extra invites – I’d LOVE to get one, here’s a link to my portfolio (working on getting my site completed)

Aimad-Eddine GABOUNE


I’d love to get an invitation, here’s the link to my portfolio :

Thankyou !


Fella, count me in..


Hey Jan,

I would love to join the amazing Dribbble community! Draft me! (-:


Tomasz Kucharski

Hi Jan

I’m 32 yo Graphic Designer & Web Developer from Poland, living from 6 years in Huddersfield (United Kingdom).

I’m also graphic design & typography lover, who is trying to learn more about design ever day and share with others.

As a young father I don’t have much time to update my main portfolio website which is: but you can find some of my recent project on another website of mine:

Currently I’m working on major logo & brand revamp for myself, which will lead to new portfolio website creation soon.

One of my latest brand & website projects can be found on this website:

Everyday is a school day ;) so I’m trying to find, learn and share graphic design & web development inspiration through mine social profiles on:


Fell free to check them, as they may be a useful source of inspiration.

Thx for giving Us this chance.

My Dribbble profile:



Read Frost

My gallery is in the link! (

Would love an invite!

Read Frost

Victor Beazzo

I’m Victor Beazzo, an art director and freelance designer based in Daytona Beach, Florida. Just got my new portfolio site and blog up and so far they’ve been well received. Anxious to hear what an incredible designer such as yourself thinks.

A little about me; in my free time I enjoy freelancing, feeding my movie fanaticism, ‘80s cartoons, collecting Ghostbusters memorabilia, and most of all spending time with my lovely fiancee and 2-year-old son.

geo kzk


I look too to enter on Dribble to show my work. I am a graphic designer, a webdesigner and French ergonomist living in Paris.
You can find my creations on the following sites:

My shot :

Twitter :!/geokzk

Web site:



Goodbye and excellent continuation,


Alexander Haniotis

Thank you for this great opportunity.

I am a young graphic/web designer from Montreal, Canada. Hope you like my portfolio!



Im trying to desperately break free of the confounds of 9-5 work and start up my own business, an invite to dribble would be amazing and a huge help in the step forward

Please feel free to look at some of my work

Warm Regards



I am currently a prospect, but would love to be drafted for dribbble! I am a web designer and illustrator from New Zealand.

My portfolio:

On Dribbble:

Vicky Holloway.


I’d love to get a dribble invite!
I’m a ui designer from China.
Here’s my website:

Rory Reilly

Hi I’m a 13 year old graphic designer specialising in print and identity work. This dribbble invite if I got it would mean so much to me as I could show the world my work. Anyway here is my website and dribbble