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UI Design Mini Bootcamp

UI Design BootcampI recently gave a presentation at the Southern California Web Designers and Developers Meetup group. I’d have to say, this crowd is awesome! Thank you all for coming out and for being very patient despite the technical difficulties we experienced. Most importantly, a big thanks to the organizer Mario Noble and to SendGrid and Microsoft for sponsoring the event! As promised, here are my slides and the “The Making of Creatibot” time-lapse video.

Every Website or app that we design is an opportunity to communicate important information to our users, extend our reach and communicate the personality of our brand. Following best practices and standard design methodologies are crucial to its success. In this talk, Jan will walk you through the various design processes from wireframing, actual prototyping and visual design in order to create usable, beautiful and memorable interfaces for the Web.

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My Site is Now Responsive

Responsive Web DesignI guess I’ve again been itching to redesign my site, but due to the several million other things that I still need to do, I guess I’ll probably just save that for next year. Instead, the geek in me decided to fiddle with my codes and make my site responsive. Mid last year, A List Apart and Ethan Marcotte released an article on Responsive Web Design so I’m kinda late to the party! To anyone who isn’t familiar with it, it is an approach in which you create a layout for your site that “responds” to the width of the device you’re using. That means you no longer need create a separate mobile version of your site that needs to adapt to the screens of the many different mobile devices out there. How cool is that? As Jeffrey Zeldman said it himself, Responsive is the new black. But really, it’s not just a fad or some kind of buzz word. It is, I believe, one of the many things a Web Designer must have in their toolbox.

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Re:Build 2011 Presentation

ReBuild ConferenceDespite the jetlag, I’m still having a really great time at Re:Build Conference in Indianapolis, IN. A million thanks to Tony and Justin (these guys are awesome) for inviting me — great location, great food, great everything! And to all those who came out, thank you! Glad you enjoyed and are enjoying the speakers’ talks and as promised, here are my slides. Enjoy :)

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Speaking at Re:Build Conference

Rebuild ConferenceI am excited to announce that I will speaking at this year’s Re:Build, a conference about building the Web. The single day design conference will be held on July 29, 2011 at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis, IN. There’s a great lineup of speakers who will talk about design and development and at only $149 USD, that’s already a great deal so don’t forget to mark that date on your calendars!

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FOWD NYC 2010 Presentation

Future of Web DesignI’m finally back in LA from my trip to New York and I’m extremely exhausted! Nevertheless, I had a spankin’ great time! As some of you probably already know, I was invited to speak at the Future of Web Design (hosted by Carsonified) last November 16 held at the New World Stages in none other than The Big Apple — New York City. I spoke about “What the Web Will Look Like in 2 Years?”

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