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My Site is Now Responsive

Responsive Web DesignI guess I’ve again been itching to redesign my site, but due to the several million other things that I still need to do, I guess I’ll probably just save that for next year. Instead, the geek in me decided to fiddle with my codes and make my site responsive. Mid last year, A List Apart and Ethan Marcotte released an article on Responsive Web Design so I’m kinda late to the party! To anyone who isn’t familiar with it, it is an approach in which you create a layout for your site that “responds” to the width of the device you’re using. That means you no longer need create a separate mobile version of your site that needs to adapt to the screens of the many different mobile devices out there. How cool is that? As Jeffrey Zeldman said it himself, Responsive is the new black. But really, it’s not just a fad or some kind of buzz word. It is, I believe, one of the many things a Web Designer must have in their toolbox.

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Free Texture Pack Sky and Lens FlareIt’s only been less than a year since I released the ninth version and in a span of less than two years, I’ve already had three versions of this site. Yes, three! The previous versions have appeared in a couple of online and offline publications which is great and a massive thank you to everyone who made that possible! Now I feel like it’s about time for another redesign. I felt like the previous version was getting a little cluttered and heavy and that’s probably one of the reasons why I have had little motivation in writing new stuff.

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Intern’s Blog

Interns Blog

Role: design conceptualization to implementation; XHTML, CSS

Overview: It took me a while to come up with this concept. One of those days that artists dread – when an artist experiences this so-called "creative block". I was browsing thru the web and came across a photo of a spray paint cannister and then I thought – why not create something like a graffitti? :)

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