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What's Cookin'I'm passionate about crafting lovely, usable
accessible interfaces with beautiful, semantic markup.


Below are some of the latest work I have done. This part of the site is actually a work in progress. I will be adding more stuff on here soon. Meanwhile, if you would like to have a sneak peek of some up and coming projects that I have, check them out on Dribbble

Dawghouse Design Studio v8

This was the 7th Version of Dawgouse Design Studio which was launched in June 2008. It was pretty well-received by the public and got featured on a couple of printed publications and online galleries.

Dawghouse Design Studio v9

This was the 9th version of Dawghouse Design Studio. About a little over a year later, I decided that I wanted my site to be more of a design blog rather than just my personal portfolio. I wanted to offer tutorials and resources to the design community, thus, I needed a wider space. I decided to do a revamp of the 8th version but still wanted to keep some elements and the look and feel of this version.


I’ve created this design to be posted as a tutorial on how to create a clean, Web 2.0 style web design step-by-step in Photoshop for Six Revisions. It was really exciting to see this tutorial land on Digg’s front page just after a couple of hours it was published!

Cardiff UK

Cardiff is an online business directory and reviews website. The client wanted something fun but still keep the corporate feel.

Amazing Palawan

An online directory to showcase the beauty of Palawan, an island in the Philippines filled with rainforests, tourist spots, outstanding dive sites, majestic mountains, primeval caves and pristine beaches

Bigfoot Casting

This website showcases Bigfoot Entertainment projects that are currently holding auditions for actors, actresses and body doubles

The Buzz

The International Academy of Film & Television student portal where filmmaking students can learn the latest in film technology and grab some information about upcoming events at the school

Virtual Zoo Android App

A set of icons for the Android app, Virtual Zoo. The game is divided into three categories that kids can choose from — African Safari, Aquarium and Insects

Gaming Mall

Logo design for Gaming Mall, an eCommerce site selling game cards for game consoles like the Playstation and XBox


Logo design for a blog about social media for businesses and marketers

Foodie Pix Android App

Icon and interface design for the Android app, Foodie Pix. An app where a user can take photos of food and share it to fellow foodies